Rent-an-Event Equipment Rental Agreement



To confirm a reservation we require 50% of the total balance to be paid and a confirmed rental agreement. The 50% payment is applied towards your final balance which is due at least one week before the event (3 weeks in advance for weddings/more than one day setups/guest count over 50 persons).   If the booking is made within one week or less of the event date, payment is due in full at the time of booking.  Your order will not be considered ‘reserved’ until the above is completed.  Linens will be unpressed and can be pressed for an additional cost to be advised.


A security deposit may be required at the rate of 15% of the total agreement amount and is due one week prior to the event, along with the balance of the total agreement amount. This security deposit is refundable once all equipment is inspected and confirmed that there are no damages. The amount will be refunded using the same method of payment no later than one day after the event. A total of the rental rate times 3 will be retained from the security deposit for damaged items. A total of the rental rate times 5 will be retained from the security deposit for missing or destroyed items. E.g if a table is missing, 5X15=$75 will be retained from the security deposit. If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover all costs, you agree to provide full payment. If the security deposit is waived, the renter assumes all responsibility and agrees to pay for all damages as outlined above.


Any items cancelled after the reservation deposit is paid will result in a cancellation fee as these items will be made unavailable to other clients at the time of booking. Cancellations within one (1) month of the event date will be charged 25% of the reservation deposit, cancellations within two (2) weeks of the event date will be charged 50% of the reservation payment.  No refund will be offered for cancellations less than 2 weeks of the event.


For events from 6:00am to 11:00am pickup/delivery between 6:00pm and 8:00pm the night before. For events from 11:01am to 12:00am pickup/delivery five (5) hours prior to event time specified above. Either you or someone else can pick up your order. If another person will be picking up, specify their name here ________________________________________; they will also need to know what name your order is booked under. You are responsible for any and all damage that may occur during transportation to and from your event site. Order amounts must be at least $300.00 for Rent-an-Event to deliver to your event site at a cost dependent on the delivery location on Providenciales. A quote will be provided for deliveries to other islands. Setup fees are optional and will depend on the nature of the setup; this amount will be added to the quote/agreement.


For all outdoor events, Rent-an-Event must pickup equipment no later than 11:00pm.  Additional fees will apply if a later time is required or equipment is not ready for pickup. All items must be returned by the next day, one hour before the pickup time the previous day.  Yard Cards and Picnics are to be returned/picked up the same day.  Other agreed times can be discussed.  On return, linens must be dry to prevent mildew and free of any wax, food or confetti. Do not place damp linens in plastic bags. We ask that you scrape or rinse the plates and cutlery free of any food and empty the glasses of any liquids.


You assume all risk of loss or damage to the equipment from any cause and agrees to return it to Rent-an-Event in the condition received, with the exception of normal wear and tear. Rent-an-Event will determine normal wear and tear. All determinations made by Rent-an-Event are final. If the equipment is not returned to Rent-an-Event for any reason, you shall pay to Rent-an-Event 5 times the rental rate per item.


The equipment may only be used and operated in a careful and proper manner and at the location set forth herein.


Preparations begin immediately when orders are accepted.  This includes selecting the best design and decor needed to accomplish your goal of having a successful event. 

A 50 % payment of the total invoice is required to secure the booking.  The remaining 50% is due at least one week before the event.  If the booking is made within one week or less of the event date, payment is due in full at the time of booking.

No refunds are given for any payments towards the deposit fee, even if the deposit fee is not paid in full.

No refunds are given for any payments made towards the remaining balance of the installation order regardless of the situation. We understand situations arise that will either require the Client to cancel or reschedule their event, and although we are empathetic to those situations, we are unable to refund any payments made.

We encourage you to send sample pics to get an idea of your vision.  We will do our best to accommodate your request, but we do not guarantee the setup will be identical.  Also, note that colors and sizes may vary.

As long as a written notification is received by Rent an Event and the rescheduling procedure is followed, we are able to reschedule the installation. Failure to inform us by the required time for the rescheduling of an installation, may result in any/all of the following:

• The forfeiture of any payments already made

• The release of event date and time

• Termination of the contract 

The Client has the freedom to reschedule the installation with a written 7 (seven) day notice. The Client may reschedule for any date within the next 365 calendar days, subject to availability.  


It is the Client’s sole responsibility to confirm if the venue allows certain items to complete the installation.  This can include helium balloons, wall hangings, ladders, etc. prior to any payment made.  Payment(s) will be forfeited and considered non-refundable if this is not completed.

Venue Access

It is the Client’s responsibility to make arrangements for Rent an Event to have access of the venue.  They must provide relevant contact information for Rent an Event to the venue.  Additionally, the Client is also responsible for obtaining any permits, access passes, gate/room access cards/codes, wristbands for entire staff, as well as notify Rent an Event of any room changes within the venue within 24 hours. Access arrangements apply to access prior to the event for installation, as well as access to clean up, if applicable, or breakdown any equipment.  If access is denied at any time, for any reason, it may result in items not being installed punctually or adequately, and possibly not at all. If this occurs, the Client agrees that RaE will not be held liable.

Personal Residence

The access requirements are still applicable in regards to allowing our team access to make the installation. The Client understands that installations are done using an array of options including but not limited to command strip, removable wall mounts, etc. If there is a preference in method of installation, please inform us before making payment as it will need to be documented.  Client must ensure that the area for installation is clean and ready for setup prior to Rent an Event’s arrival.  If access is denied at any time, for any reason, it may result in items not being installed punctually or adequately, and possibly not at all. If this occurs, the Client agrees that IC will not be held liable.

Installation times vary depending on the nature of the job.  At minimum, two hours should be reserved for setup.  Longer time frames will be advised.

Disposing & Disassembling

After an event, the Client is responsible for properly disposing of any balloons.  Do not dissemble any of the rental items such as backdrop frames.

Rent an Event can remove the balloons by popping and removing them if desired by the Client at an additional cost to be advised at booking, minimum $100.00

If the Client chooses to dispose themselves after a disposal fee has already been paid, that payment will be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

The Client solely responsible for the equipment, during and after the event, until surrendered back to Rent an Event.


Any damage or vandalism that occurs to any of the property of Rent an Event during the event, including any damage or vandalism that occurs due to the Client’s guests, will result in the Client accepting sole responsibility for the property and agrees to be billed per item at the discretion of Rent an Event.


Balloon float time and lasting time varies and cannot be controlled by Rent an Event.

The Client acknowledges that some balloon decor may be affected by temperature and humidity, something that Rent an Event cannot be held liable for. Rent an Event will not be held liable for the reaction of any balloon decor due to the weather or uncontrollable acts of nature including but not limited to rain, wind, or extreme heat.

A variety of installation techniques are used to ensure the balloons are properly secured. These include tape, command hooks, weights, etc.  Please advise if you prefer not to use specific items.  RaE will do its best to ensure proper care but cannot be held liable for any damage.

It is the Client’s sole responsibility to have an alternate location available and ready in the event the original location is not able to be utilized. Failure to do so will cause the payments to be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

If dangerous weather or a natural disaster occurs that causes the venue to close and prevents the event from taking place, the Client may reschedule the installation for a different date, within the next 365 days.

If the Client cancels the event due to rain or other bad weather, not designated as “dangerous weather” or “natural disaster”, by Government officials, the Client understands that the payments will be forfeited and considered nonrefundable, however, they can reschedule.

Display & Promotion

The Client agrees that Rent an event may use the decorated display including video recordings and photographs for marketing purposes.


Site Preparation & Inspection: Please be sure your site is ready (i.e. lawns mowed, vehicles out of the way etc.) before the crew arrives. Client agrees to inform Rent an Event of the existence of any private underground utilities (i.e. phone or gas lines, septic system, pool pipes, irrigation lines, etc.), or conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor equipment. Client assumes all responsibility for all damage to underground equipment in absence of such notice. 

Tents will not be set up or taken down in adverse weather conditions i.e. heavy rain, lightening, high winds etc. Rent an Event reserves the right to determine if weather conditions are conducive for set up and removal. In some circumstances, tent set-up may be postponed due to incoming weather that poses a severe risk to the product.

Client shall inspect the equipment upon completion of setup. Unless within the same time client notifies Rent an Event in writing stating details of any alleged defect the client shall be conclusively deemed to have accepted the equipment in its received condition. Client agrees to return the equipment in good condition and without damage and to pay for all equipment loss, damaged or stolen equipment based on the total equipment value at time of loss.

Tent Installation: Installation of a tent must be done correctly for the protection of the users, the tent, and ultimately the success of your event. Therefore, it is our strict policy that all installations and takedowns are done by our experienced crews. All prices quoted will include these services. Absolutely under no circumstances should the structure or fabric of the tent be compromised by drilling holes, hanging heavy items from structure, tearing or cutting of fabric, loosening of tent ratchets/ tie-downs, moving the tent without prior written consent from Rent an Event. Please refer to Risk of Loss section below.

Weather: Client understands that tents are temporary structures designed to provide limited protection from weather conditions, primarily sun and rain; however, there may be situations, particularly those involving strong winds and lightning, in which the tents will not provide protection. Evacuation of tents to avoid possible injury is recommended when severe weather threatens the area where the tents are erected. People must leave the tents and not seek shelter under tents during such conditions. Client understands that it is Client’s responsibility to be aware of changing weather conditions and to exercise its best judgment with regard to the evacuation of tents. Client also understands that tents are temporary structures and may leak during rain.

Cleanup/Preparation for Pickup: All floral arrangements, trash, and decorations of any kind should be removed from tent before scheduled pickup time. Client assumes responsibility for all damages caused by decorations. Please be aware that some decorations can cause a permanent damage on the tent, linen, and other rental items. Please ask if you are unsure to avoid the cost of damages. Decorations must not affect the structural integrity of the tent.

Risk of Loss: Client assumes all risk and liability for the use and operation of the tent and for personal injuries and property damage arising therefrom including any loss or damage to the tent or to premises tent is located due to theft or vandalism. Damage to the tent shall be based on the total replacement value of the equipment at time of loss. 

Cancellation: Cancellation must be in writing. Cancellation of the contract during the rental period is not permitted unless agreed to by Rent an Event due to extreme circumstances and will result in 50% of the total rental amount.

Outsourced Vendors

If necessary, RaE will outsource equipment and or services to other vendors to complete your event execution.  This is either disclosed in the description section of the product RaE website page/verbally or via email.  You agree to accept all terms and conditions of the outsourced vendor and will not hold RaE for any damages or liability.


You shall indemnify and defend Rent-an-Event (Us) against, and hold Us harmless for, any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, losses and costs (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees’) made against Us, or suffered or incurred by Us, arising directly or indirectly out of, or otherwise relating to, the delivery, installation, possession, ownership, use, loss of use, defect in or malfunction of the Equipment. This obligation shall survive the termination of this Lease.

You shall not assign or sublet any interest in this Rental or the equipment or permit the equipment to be used by anyone other than yourself or your employees, without Rent-an-Event’s prior written consent. Rent-an-Event may use photos of products at your event for advertising purposes.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the entire Equipment Rental Agreement and that I agree to all the terms and conditions as provided for in the Agreement. I further confirm that all the information provided by me is true and correct and that I am authorized to commit to this agreement.