ABC Blocks

Alphabet blocks are an amazing way to add a special touch to your party decorations! The rental is for a

Air Mattress

Comfort Strong coil construction provides better support for superior comfort Soft plush top creates a velvet-like sleep surface for more

Area Rug

A natural fiber rug is the perfect way to add a relaxed, unique look to your event setup. Easy to

Barbie Box

Perfect for your Barbie themed party or event. Approximately W 36” H 76” Material Wood Plywood painted

Bed Tray Table

Our bed tray tables with folding legs and easy to unfold. Built-in carrying Ergonomic handles make it move or carry

Card Your Yard

You’ve Got Cards! The first of its kind in Turks and Caicos Islands, Card Your Yard is a yard greeting

Champagne Wall

Ask about our disposable and glass flutes


Our chandeliers have a shimmer like no other with crystal adornment. You can see the sparkles in every angle, When

Chandelier Stand

This chandelier stand adds new heights of elegance to your design. Standing at approximately 10ft tall at its highest point,

Crystal Beaded Dessert Stands

Show off your treats with our beautiful, luxury, crystal beaded dessert stands. These dessert stands are designed with mirrored tops

Dessert Stands

Show off your desserts, cake, cupcakes, sweets, and treats in style with our elegant dessert sets. Select the color to

Dessert Stands – Rustic

Our wood and black metal scrollwork display stands are great for storing cupcakes, cakes, and other desserts. Great for use

Disco Ball

Introducing the perfect addition to any party – the Disco Mirror Ball! Light up your space with this eye-catching and

Easel Stand

The easel features a stylish and luxurious modern design with a tall rectangular façade supported by a metal stand for


Outsourced product – Select from a variety of favors to complement your theme

Fog machine

Vibrant LED lights combined with fog are guaranteed to get the party started. This machine not only puts out smoke

Grand Opening Scissors

Our Giant Ribbon Cutting Kit is perfect to celebrate your new venture, groudbreaking, reopening, dedication, and more! Approximate size LxWxH

Ken Box Standee

Perfect for your Barbie/Ken themed party or event. Material Vinyl

Lantern – Rattan Set

Lanterns are perfect elements to add to your decor. They can be used as a centerpiece or floor decor or

Magazine Photo Booth

Available Summer 2024. Add a touch of glitz and glam as you step inside of your own magazine cover. Wording

Marquee Letter

These life size letters are perfect for customizing your event. Choose your phrase and watch your setup brighten up. Please

Mini Serving Station

This mini serving station can serve a number of purposes. Whether it’s a mimosa bar or a sweets station, this


This elegant gold mirror will add a tone of sophistication and class to your space. The rich French gold frame

Mirror Number

Shine up the night with our mirror numbers reflecting your beautiful setup. Numbers are approximately 4ft tall.

Neon Sign

Light up the night and celebrate in style with this neon sign. Choose your phrase based on your theme. Custom

Outsourced Service

This is an outsourced service. Fees are provided by the vendor and range depending on the request. Images are sample,

PA System

Flexible PA System with 3-Channel Mixer Multiple Positions: Floor, Table, Stand Onboard Sensors Provide Optimal Sound Independent EQ and Reverb


The perfect addition to any setup. Can be used for a variety of designs including a cake tables, floral arrangements,

Pedestal – Clear Acrylic

Multipurpose and versatile, these clear acrylic pedestal risers can be used for anything and everything; showcase your scrumptious desserts and

Pedestal – Gold

Introducing the Gold pedestal/plinth Set of 3, a sophisticated and luxurious addition to your event space. This stunning trio of

Pedestal – Square – White

Pedestals are used for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, cake stand or display pictures. W16” x

Picnic Setup

Exquisite design and comfortable size, Set the tone for a relaxing atmosphere, whether indoors or outdoors, our picnic setup will

Picnic Table

Exquisite design and comfortable size, Set the tone for a relaxing atmosphere, whether indoors or outdoors, our picnic tables will


Our plinths are perfect to display a variety of items at your event. Choose from desserts, florals and much more

Plush Animal

Cuddly and cute, our plush animals such as teddy bears and elephants are perfect for any occasion like birthdays, weddings


Acrylic Podium Has a shelf for your presentation material

Print Services

Outsourced product – Select from a variety of print options to complement your theme


Choose different props to compliment your setup. From moving butterflies to ornaments and much more.

Show Me Off – Digital Display Stand

Digital signage displays have quickly become one of the leading marketing solutions in the modern world. Advertising Video Screen: 65”

Snow Machine

Create Snow Flakes for any occasion where you want to give the illusion of real snow. Outputs 2000CFM (Cubic Feet

Stainless Steel Stand

Hold the applause, stop in awe of this majestic stainless steel stand. It can be used to display just about

Table Number

These modern minimalistic acrylic table number sign are the perfect touch to add to your wedding, birthday or any special

Table Setup

Exquisite design set the tone for a relaxing atmosphere, whether indoors or outdoors, our table setup will bring a unique

Teepee Tent

The possibilities are endless with our versatile teepee tents. Perfect for sleepovers of any age, beach setups and photo shoots.

Thatched Umbrella

This versatile outdoor thatched tiki umbrella shades can add just the right amount of shade to your outdoor setup, allowing

Throw Blanket

Measuring about 50 x 60 inches/ 130 x 150 cm, the blanket is made of flannel fleece, brushed on both

Throw Pillow

Add a comfy addition to your seating area. Multiple color cover options to select from. Perfectly compliments our picnic boho

Tiki Torch

Add additional lighting to your event space.

Wedding Aisle Runner

Walk down the aisle to the one you love on your special day on a choice of your style and

White Wooden Display Shelf

Oozing modish flair and minimalist design, this tiered wooden shelf will beautifully accentuate your event space. Featuring heavy duty all